Urban lighting

The term "urban lighting" is something relatively new for your country. The public services, in their projects, continue to refer to it as "road lighting", placing it in the same category as the lighting of motorways. However, as will be seen below, the demands of an urban lighting installation are different from those required for the safe lighting of a motorway.
As urban illumination (a direct translation of the English term Urban Lighting), we define these facilities to illuminate the surrounding space of an urban fabric, where people, bicycles and low-speed vehicles move, that is, the lighting in the following places:
• Pedestrian walkways
• Enviroment areas of buildings
• Parks
• Squares
• Gardens
• Suburban roads
A study of Urban Lighting is recommended as a guide to the European CIE 136-2000 "Guide to the Lighting of Urban Areas". Especially for the lighting of pedestrian and bicycle traffic roads the following conditions must be met to facilitate them:

• Be orientated visually into the environment
• Discern obstacles along the way
• Understand the movements and intentions of other people
• Be able to read street signs
• Identify different reference points, garbage containers, curbs, fire hydrants,
• Enjoy the appearance of the road and the environment.

For this reason, calculations of the different lighting solutions should be made, not only for the horizontal intensity of the light at ground level, but also semi-cylindrical, at a height of 1.50 m, thus simulating a person moving within the environment.

If you want roads to have safety, lighting and eliminate the criminality

Urban Lighting 




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And all of this can be done with great energy saving


Placing autonomous photovoltaic columns



The solar energy light can be placed anywhere we need lighting (parks, squares, streets, gardens, beaches).
Solar energy is collected by the photovoltaic panel during the day and stored in the battery. As soon as it is dark, it is commanded automatically and the stored energy feeds the lamp.
It can be easily installed anywhere as it does not need to be connected to the grid.
It is safe because it works with 12 volts and there is no risk of electric shock.
In this way, we do not pollute the atmosphere at all, avoiding the emission of about 800 kg of CO2 per year.





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