Wind energy

The exploitation of wind energy by humans is a practice that finds its roots in antiquity. Typical examples of wind power exploitation are sailboats and windmills. Today, we use wind turbines (wind turbines) to exploit wind power.
Wind turbines are machines that convert the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. This conversion takes place in two stages. In the first stage, through the impeller, we convert the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy in the form of a rotation of the impeller axis and in the second stage, through the generator, we achieve the transformation of the mechanical energy into electric.

Wind turbines are used to meet or even meet energy needs. The electricity generated by the wind turbines is either consumed on site or injected into the grid to be consumed elsewhere. Generated electricity from wind turbines, when output is greater than demand, is often stored for later use when demand is greater than production. Today's storage is done in two economically viable ways, depending on the size of the energy produced. Batteries are the most widely known and widespread method of storage of E / E, which is used for small-scale, non-interconnected units in the mains. In windy areas we will meet most of the wind farms, which consist of wind turbines in optimal arrangement for the best possible exploitation of the wind potential.
Wind energy is a practically inexhaustible source of energy. Its exploitation, coupled with the rapid development of technologies embedded in modern, efficient wind turbines, is of paramount importance for sustainable development, saving energy resources, protecting the environment and tackling climate change.





Internal wind turbine layout


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