Solar water heaters

A high quality solar water heater will cover 85% of our annual hot water needs.
Advantages of installing a solar water heater
• Reduction in the cost of hot water heating up to 80%.
• Great comfort with regard to hot water.
• Very low maintenance costs.
• Increase in the value of the property.
• Eco-friendly.
• If you think that the expense will be amortized between 2 ~ 4 years, the purchase of a solar water heater should not be considered a cost, but a very good investment that provides us with comfort and economy for many years.
• The average life expectancy of a solar water heater is 15 years.

Single solar water heater 50l


Double solar water heater 200 l


Double solar water heater 160 l


Double solar water heater 100 l


Αrrayssolar water heaters


Ιnstalled solar in a house of 150 liters


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